Pop-Up Classes

When we practice the same flow/poses all the time or repeat the same workout routine, we are targeting the same areas (physical, mental, emotional).  We may feel strong in certain muscles groups, but are neglecting others creating asymmetry in our body.

Spice up your practice with my isometric classes that target specific parts of the body.  You will get stronger, become more aware of the muscles that we should be using in our asana practice, and ultimately provide more range of motion.

Breaking the habit of how we practice or work out can be liberating for the mind and body.

The classes are low impact, challenging, and suitable for everyone.  Even non-Yogis will have fun.  Everyone that books the classes will receive the class video so that you can continue to practice on your own.

  • Awaken Your Upper Body

    Often, our Yoga practice is very “push” focused with Downward Facing Dog, Planks, and arm balances.  Our “pull” muscles (biceps, obliques, trapezius) sometimes get forgotten.

    Let’s balance the strength of the “push/pull” muscles with a series of isometric exercises designed to strengthen and create a greater range of motion.  You will notice a difference in your Downward Facing Dog and poses like Cobra and Camel.

    September 20th – 10am.


These classes are great for yogis and everyone else looking to create more strength, mobility, and movement

Duration: 1 hour

Cost:  $20 each class

The live online classes will be recorded.  If you can’t attend the live class, sign up and you will be sent the recording to keep (live students also get the recorded class).

All sales are final.

Strengthen and Open your Hips

Working with isometric movements to create more strength in the hip rotators and stabilizer muscles.  Then explore how hip openers feel.


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Awaken your Core Strength

Fed up with curls and planks?  Create a strong core using a range of isometric movements that you can add to your daily exercise program.  Variety is the spice of life!


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Advanced Stretching Techniques

When we force ourselves into a pose or stretch, the muscles being overly stretched will contract automatically to protect us from injury.   Moving too quickly into poses without contracting or engaging muscles is the easiest way to keep our muscles “tight”and our Yoga practice stagnant.

By understanding how the our stretch reflex works and how we can work with that system rather than against it, we can achieve greater length in our muscles and stability in our poses.  There are many different ways to engage a muscle to create greater length.  In this pop-up class we will be learning several different techniques and how to apply them to Yoga poses:



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