A little bit about me

I’ve been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and have explored various lineages.  Like creating a home, I have adopted principals from all of them to create a Yoga place I am happy to practice and teach.

To me, Yoga is more about “abiding in the ease of asana” (Judith Laster) rather than worrying about the aesthetics of poses.

Having used my practice to heal my own back and knee injuries, I understand that every body is unique and we need to take an individual approach to “alignment”.

Whilst living in Miami, I had the honor of practicing with three inspiring teachers who guided me through my passion of Yoga to becoming a teacher.  I completed by Krama Teacher Training with Ruslan Kleytman in 2008 and my Skanda Yoga teacher training with Ken von Roenn II and  Lina Vallejo in 2009.

I’m a constant student and love to learn.  My passion has become understanding functional anatomy and how to encourage students to feel at home in a pose and rather than falling into the trap of contorting their body into some “ideal” alignment that suits a small percentage of students.

I am a certified Yin Yoga teacher, having trained under Bernie Clark.  Practicing Yin with Bernie was a light bulb experience for me as tightnesses I have held for so long after injuries just vanished.  I would encourage everyone with a Vinyasa/Power Yoga practice to come to the light and include at least one Yin class a week.

I had the honor of being part of an holistic wellness team at a Paint Institute here in Palm Desert, studying the effects of alternative therapies to reduce pain and opioid usage.  Having knee and back issues, I have used Yoga as my own personal therapy – to adapt Yoga for pain relief and healing, and to see positive results was one of the highlights of my life.  Yoga is such a joy!

I am a registered E-RYT 500 and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider), Yin Yoga Teacher, and Aerial Yoga teacher.

I live in one of the best vacation destinations – Palm Springs – and love that so many people want to include Yoga in their itinerary.  So calling out to all those brides to be, birthday people, friends/family reunions!  Call me!  Let Yoga add to your happy memories of my beautiful home town.

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