30 Essential Yoga Poses

30 video tutorials of 30 poses 

Ever feel that some of the poses we do all the time don’t always feel so great and the verbal cues we are given don’t make sense?  You’re not alone.  Everyone has skeletal variations so “one size fits all” alignment cues don’t work for many of us.  Our body should feel like a well oiled machine with everything working together.  Posture and physical limitations/tightness/injuries will always affect neighboring joints – yep! that’s why we all have those poses that never feel good – Pyramid Pose anyone?

This video series began as a way for my students and I to stay connected during “Stay in Place”.  Meeting at our Zoom Studio, we explored a different pose every day for 30 days!  It gave us time to understand how the body works, how to create stability and mobility so we feel like a well oiled machine. Not forgetting the most important aspect of asana – abide with ease in the pose as we follow our own alignment for our own body.

Get to know your body, your pose.  Awaken your practice to greater potential.

  • How to come into /out of the pose

  • Finding your functional alignment

  • Explore variations of the pose to create more stability and ease

  • Fun ways to use props to help stabilize and energize your practice

You will have access to the 30 video for 90 days so you can take your time viewing and practicing.

Duration: 20-30 minutes each video

Cost:  $99

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